Things You Probably Didn't Learn in School about:

Audit Fort Knox

After World War II, the United States government and citizens owned as much as 80% of the gold in the world. More than half of the gold was stored at Fort Knox. Many in high places have suggested there is precious little gold in those vaults today. No one has been allowed to audit Fort Knox since the Eisenhower Administration (1955). […]

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America’s Fundamental Transformation

The current economic down-turn is not a recession; a worldwide depression is unfolding. The coming economic catastrophe will not resemble the Great Depression; the United States of today does not resemble the independent America of the 1930s and 40s. Throughout those lean years, folks in rural areas were self-sustained, the dollar was “gold-backed,” and the […]

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The Invisible Tax is Theft.

The Golden Age of any society directly corresponds to its use of gold and silver money. Real money produces economic freedom. Maximum productivity is the result. When England and America were on a gold standard, the merchant class expanded and the people flourished.  Now that the United States and Europe have debased their currencies, most people’s […]

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Weights, Measures & Balancing Scales

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Ancient Monetary System; TROY Weights; METRIC Weights; CARAT Weights; KARAT Purity; FAR EAST Weights; MILLESIMAL Fineness; BRITISH Sovereign (Pound Sterling, Pennyweight); DOLLAR (U.S. 90% Silver, Old U.S. Gold Coins); BIBLICAL Weights (TABLE: Talent/ Kikkar, Maneh, Shekel, Gerah, Bekah); HISTORICAL GOLD–SILVER RATIOS; WORLD COINS (Gold Content of new coins). Gold and silver are like no other currencies and no other […]

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Gold & Silver: BUYING BASICS

There are two precious metals markets – the physicals market and the paper market. Pay attention to the physicals market. It is the real market for gold and silver in the same way houses and commercial properties —rather than mortgage-backed securities— are the true real estate markets. The paper market does not represent actual supply and demand for gold […]

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For more than seventy years, the United States dollar has been the reserve currency for the globe. After World War II until quite recently, more than 70% of all foreign exchange transactions and 40% of all world exports have been denominated in dollars. The U.S. dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency as long as OPEC […]

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