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Principles of freedom and principles of economics go together. By writing about current financial issues and reviving the lessons of history, we hope to do you and our country some good. It is up to you to take necessary action.

Craig Rhyne began trading gold and silver coins in 1970— the year before the U.S. dollar was de-linked from gold. For twenty-three years, the company published a precious metals newsletter that reached a nationwide audience (before widespread internet use). The Rhyne Report was one of the first of its kind to include interviews and articles about gold, silver, rare coins, the economy, fine jewelry, hard currencies (Swiss franc/Deutschemark), and U.S. dollar inflation. The “” blog is an extension of the precious metals newsletter we began snail-mailing to readers in 1974.

Craig was a founder and a president of the Washington Coin and Bullion Association; and in 1983, he was a founding board member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets in Washington, D.C. [ICTA].

America is reaping the consequences of forty-five years of fiat money. We do not have to guess how this money-printing experiment will end.
In 1896, Andrew Dickson White chronicled the events leading up to hyperinflation in France.

White’s essay,
Fiat Money Inflation in France, is a blueprint for the future of the U.S. dollar… because the laws of money never change:

“Every other attempt of the same kind in human history, under whatever circumstances, has reached results in kind if not degree. All of them show the existence of financial laws as real in their operation as those which hold the planets in their courses.” Andrew Dickson White


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