Deflation then Inflation: The Stages of Credit Collapse

The U.S.A. does not resemble the America of the 1930s. During the Great Depression, our nation had trade surpluses and the dollar was gold-backed. This time, global deflation will lead to credit collapse and currency failures. The fuel for future inflation is accumulating now. During the coming economic upheaval, gold and silver will perform as the world’s only real money.


I. When an economy slows, people save money. They do not want to spend because the future is uncertain. The economy stagnates and welfare rolls increase. As public debts mount, the central bank prints more and more money. The purchasing power of the currency is drastically diluted.

II. Eventually, economic activity slows to a crawl. Consumption declines, business grinds down, and the central bank prints to buy government bonds and bail out insolvent financial institutions. People do not understand why everything costs so much money. One after another, businesses trim and then close their doors.

A short period of price deflation precedes collapse. Money changes hands SLOWLY. Prices temporarily fall, and then resume their climb.

III. Currency failure is similar to a run-on-the-bank. Total loss of confidence in a currency is the inexplicable trigger that unleashes ferocious money velocity. When people comprehend how rapidly the currency is losing value, they start purchasing tangible items as fast as they can; releasing the cash like a hot potato. They know the longer they hold on to it, the less it will buy.

Hyper-velocity of money is a symptom, rather than the cause of credit-collapse. Credit FREEZES and currencies fail because of massive debt financed by the printing press.

Save SILVER dollars, not PAPER dollars.

Submitted by Denise Rhyne


Things You Probably Didn’t Learn in School about Gold & Silver:

Since gold convertibility was suspended in 1971, the dollar has retained its reserve-currency status because of the dollar’s forty-year monopoly in settling OPEC oil trades [PETRO DOLLAR]. The current petro-dollar system is reaching the end of its usefulness. Discussions are now underway to replace the petro-dollar with a new super-currency that will include gold in a significant way. 

Over the last ten years, China has been implementing a strategy to return the pricing of oil back to gold while draining about ¾ of world gold production:].

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